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The Magnetic Leather Tiles is a completely custom floor and wall upholstery leather tiles and panels manufacturing company. Tiles size, thickness, shape, installation system and the raw materials to be used in the manufacturing process are all custom.

Our craft artisans manufacture every piece by hand in full compliance with our clients requirements and specifications by wrapping up front and edges of our leather tiles or panels with the chosen raw material. This exclusive and efficient service ensures total customer satisfaction.

 Porsche Design Tower Miami





Fisher Island, Miami, FL

beautiful foyer

Through our incredible variety of upholstery natural leather and synthetic faux leather colors and textures we want to help our clients to bring their own dream projects to reality, giving the beautiful warmth of these materials to any environment.

Come to us!

We want you to return to the essence,

to feel the mystery.

Look around and sense 

that everything can happen. 


Porsche Design Tower
Floor Leather Tiles
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Floor Leather Tiles
Wall Leather Tiles
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Wall Leather Tiles
Leather Floor

Our Company will vary the backing on your leather tiles depending on your desired installation system. Magnetic or gluing.

Magnetic Installation

Our Magnetic Installation system is our most popular one. About 95% of our clients have chosen this kind of installation. It is the cleanest, quickest and easiest leather tiles installation system. It is a very innovative process that was even considered for a TV show on DIY Network. This removable magnetic mounting system allows placing and replacing pieces as easy as in a puzzle. 

Gluing Installation

Our leather tiles will be "naked" on the backing since a thin contact cement coating will be spread on their surface and also the substrate, using a roller. Watch instructions on how to use contact cement online for a better job finish. Since contact cement usually stains many raw materials, it would be convenient to be very careful when installing the tiles in order to avoid any damage to the leather tile front surface. 

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