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Synthetic Leather Floor Tiles

Excellence in the product finishing and close attention to details are crucial elements in interior designing and architecture. Our unique leather tiles will play an important role in accomplishing sophisticated and elegant atmospheres in any room.

Check our different types of Synthetic Floor Tiles:
Classic Water
Classic Tandoor
Classic Sage
Classic Saffron
Classic Rouge
Classic Pewter
Classic Persimmon
Classic Reef
Classic Lake
Classic Mocha
Classic Mustang
Classic Oregana
Classic Kilimanjaro
Classic Hazelnut
Classic Grape
Classic Fog
Classic Granite
Classic Creamery
Classic Currant
Classic Doe
Classic Fudge
Classic Black
Classic Claret
Classic Chocolate
Classic Chamomile
Classic Burgandy
Classic Celery
Classic Chamois
Classic Cashew
Classic Cayenne
Classic Blueridge
Classic Admiral
Classic Buff
Classic British Tan
Classic Amerbty
Classic Brick
Classic White
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